We Support

Young people to achieve and be heard through projects and workshops.

We Listen

In order to support personal and social development.

We Empower

Through positive activities and events.

Who We Are

All In Youth Project delivers culturally aware, fun and positive youth sessions and events which ensure Black, Asian, Mixed Race, Minority Ethnic, Asylum seeker and Refugee (BAMER) young people can get involved and have their voices heard.

We work with any young people aged 11-25 who want to work with us, and our projects, events and activities are open to everyone. We recognise that some potential members may have responsibility for younger siblings which could prevent them from accessing our evening provision, therefore we will allow members to bring siblings aged 7-10 to our weekly sessions.

We believe that real learning is two way; We listen and learn from our members and they listen and learn from us. 

To make sure all young people including BAMER young people can take part we offer female only youth activities aswel as a mixed music making project called Breakthrough. We also design and deliver events and training with and for our young people.

Our Work

Our slogan: We listen to learn. We learn to change. Is key to our organisation and sets the tone for how we work with young people.

We believe that every young person needs confidence and self-belief in order to be happy and fulfill their potential and we listen too the aspirations of all our members. 

Young people tell us their interests and goals and we encourage them to lead and design the activities which supports their progression towards these goals and makes a positive difference in their lives. 

Our events are designed by young people to achieve whatever aims they think are important and are impacting on their aspirations. Examples of events we have run inlcude awareness raising events on racism, a fashion show supporting entrepreneurial talents and youth parties which bring young people together to celebrate in a safe environment.

Our project manager has an MA in community and youth work and between our staff team and volunteers we have over 40 years youth work experience in Teesside working with young people from Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee backgrounds.

All our staff have a DBS check and we actively work with former youth club members to design and plan youth sessions which are culturally aware in terms of dietary needs, dress, and activities whilst being respective of religious customs.

We listen, not judge in order to support the personal and social development of young people aged 11-25, using a range of activities and events.

"At a young age the girls group gave me an early start at building confidence around others and encouraged me to take part in lots of fun activities. My favourite was the fashion show. Everyone was lovely and supportive. Being part of the groups was memorable. "

Noor J Workshop Member

"We have been part of All In from the start and now help to plan the activities and design the events. Being part of All In has allowed our voices to be heard which has given us the confidence to speak up, challenge and help others. We're proud to say we are All In. "

Adeela, Farah & Amun Workshop Member

"Being part of All In was a turning stone in my life as it improved my self confidence and encouraged and inspired me to strive harder. It helped with my social skills  and I enjoyed every aspect of it especially the fashion show which allowed me to participate in worthwhile causes and pushed me to take on roles I usually wouldn't. The skills I got from All In supported me to be a better person and have helped in my life goals. "

Sina D Workshop Member

Are you ready to help?

If you are aged from 18 to 25 we could use your help